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Skype for Business

Chimu helps organizations maximize their investment in Skype for Business.

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Optimization through customization

We work closely with organizations to create custom Skype for Business solutions that reduce operational costs, improve end-user adoption and satisfaction, and help teams to collaborate more effectively.

Our Services


Chimu offers a full range of services focused on enhancing Skype for Business deployments.


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Solution Delivery

Architecture, development and deployment of Skype for Business custom solutions

Solution Support

Ongoing support, maintenance and upgrades for your existing custom solution

Team Support

Training and mentoring for your in-house development team


Chimu creates a wide variety of solutions for the Skype for Business platform - for example:


Automated assistance solutions for your staff and customers


Enforced communication boundaries across your organization and beyond

Custom UIs

Tailored Skype for Business User Interfaces for specific roles or tasks

Admin Tools

Common Skype for Business administrative tasks integrated and simplified

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